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The Original 
'Agatha Christie' style
 Murder Mystery
 Dinner Theatre Company


The following price guide is given to help you decide on the exact product you would like from our range of options. Every event is unique, and we pride our self in making our murder mystery events meet your needs.

We appreciate that budgets are sometimes a consideration,but believe the quality of our product and our vast experience speaks for itself.

  • Cluedunnit 'Charity Fundraiser' Murder 
Please call for specific quotation
  • Cluedunnit Compered / Interactive Murder (1 Actor)
From $1300.00
  • Cluedunnit Compered Murder (2 Actors)
From $1595.00
  • Cluedunnit Classic Murder (5/6 Actors/suspects)
From $3695.00
  • Cluedunnit Murder Weekends (5-6 Actors/suspects)
From $4695.00

Cluedunnit Additional Charges/Costs
•   We will require overnight accommodation for our actors when distance prevents a same day return
  • Light Refreshments for our actors would be appreciated
  • Additional travel fees / flight costs will apply for certain events outside of our Perth base

If in doubt, please contact us for a detailed quotation for your specific murder mystery requirements.


The murderer was KATE the maid!

When Kate says she opened the the door and saw Edward Brooks dead she must have been lying!! The room was in darkness, no windows!
It was only when John the hotel receptionist arrived and switched on the light that the  gruesome situation could be made clear. 

The only way that Kate could have known about the body was if she was the murderer !