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Fabulous range of 'period' costumes

Cluedunnit loves Darcy!

Darcy Clothing Ltd began life as The Vintage Shirt Company in 2004. The intention then was to supply accurate replicas of mens period shirts and collars for use in plays and costume dramas.Since then they have expanded their range to provide hats, socks, trousers, waistcoats, underwear and a huge variety of general accessories.

As they grew, the old name didn’t really represent the variety of available stock so in 2010 they decided to re-brand as Darcy Clothing Ltd. (A name taken from the creator of the business, Catherine Darcy, not the more famous Mr.)

The clothing is largely made specially for them and is taken directly from original garments. The shapes and fabrics are uncompromisingly genuine. They only ever use natural fibres in any pre C20th garments. The construction methods however take advantage of modern mass production techniques which means that they can supply costume designers with the authenticity they require at an affordable price.

They now sell all over the world to everyone from sheep farmers in Wales needing sturdy braces to Hollywood stars playing pirates. Everyone receives the same service wherby we aim to despatch orders the same day providing the items are in stock.

The past may be another country but you can visit it here at Darcy Clothing.