The Original 
'Agatha Christie' style Murder Mystery
 Dinner Theatre Company


Guilty fingerprint

Local M.P. Edward Brooks had been due to speak at a gala charity dinner at the prestigious 'Towers' Hotel in the English Cotswolds.
He had been found murdered in his hotel bedroom earlier this morning and local bobby, the infamous P.C. Bailey, has been sent along to investigate...Edward Brooks was found in his hotel bedroom, it has no windows or adjoining rooms and the door was locked.

PC Bailey has called for questioning the only four people known to have room keys. The four suspects are now assembled in the ballroom where PC Bailey will interrogate each carefully.

By reading the following statements can you use your 'little grey cells...mon ami' to deduce...WHODUNNIT ??

"In everybody's life there are hidden chapters which they hope may never be known..."
Agatha Christie

KATE: The maid
"I came to wake Mr Brooks at 7.00am as arranged. I took him a tray of morning breakfast tea, his paper and two slices of toast. I saw Mr Brooks lying there in a pool of blood, I dropped the tray and screamed in horror!"

JOHN: The Hotel receptionist
" When I heard Kate scream I immediately left my desk and ran to the room. I switched on the lights and saw the gruesome image of Mr Brooks lying across the bed with a knife in his neck..."

SARAH: Hotel Manageress
" I had arrived early that morning to prepare for the prestigious Gala dinner that night. I was in the hotel foyer when I too heard the dreadful scream. I ran with John and when he switched on the light the sight that I beheld was so dreadful...no wonder poor Kate screamed."

PIERRE: The hotel Chef
" I was in the kitchen busy preparing both the breakfasts but also certain items for the Gala dinner. I had been doing so since 6.00am...I saw and heard nothing!"

PC Bailey finished his questioning and stood quietly for a few moments, then a smile formed on his lips and he said..." I think I know who did it!"...Do You?? ...Take a while to deduce who did the evil deed

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