The Original 
'Agatha Christie' style Murder Mystery
 Dinner Theatre Company


Murder mystery clues
This is our basic level of murder mystery and is ideal for family birthday parties, hen nights and even wedding receptions!
Our popular interactive event in which your guests play both suspects AND detectives! A fun, Agatha Christie-style murder mystery event that can be held at a venue of your choice, anywhere in WA.

CLUEDUNNIT Murder Mysteries provide one or two amazing professional actors ( depends upon numbers of guests ) who will create an immersive live-action murder mystery for your party.

Each guest will play a character in our specially written murder mystery format; hilarious, completely interactive and led by our professional team to ensure a successful Murder Mystery event.

How Does a Mini Murder Mystery Work?

Our highly experienced professional Compéres will meet and greet your guests, then set the scene and the Mini Murder Mystery will commence. They are on hand throughout the evening to ensure the laughs keep coming, assist you in finding clues and generally ensure everyone has a great time.

Mini Murder Mysteries are great fun for private parties as they allow everyone to be involved as much or as little as they wish. No acting skills are required...although Oscar-worthy performances are of course encouraged!

Towards the end of the evening, our Detectives will issue Conclusion Sheets to all guests and invite them to formulate their case against the suspect they believe to be the guilty party.

Prizes are awarded to the winner/s of the mini murder mystery.

Example Mini Murder Mystery Event

7.00 pm      Murder Mystery team join guests and introduce the event with a 30-minute pre-dinner introduction. Character information cards are issued, and the Murder Mystery is begun. It's all about team spirit and fun, no serious acting required. A short introduction to the story is enacted to set the scene and then the fun begins.

7.30 pm     Dinner is served. The murder mystery runs in real-time, with clues, evidence and even murders occurring before your eyes! Much hilarity is guaranteed as you and your guests are embroiled in a tricky murder mystery. Our team will ensure everyone has a good time, whether they are terrible show-offs (like us) or a little more reserved! The story is carefully crafted to ensure your guests are intrigued and entertained. Beware the killer on the loose - you never know if you may feel the cold hand of fate on your shoulder during dinner.

9.30 pm     Conclusions are reached and the denouement takes place. The killer is revealed, and prizes are awarded to the winning team.

"Very few of us are what we seem...conversations are always dangerous,
 if you have something to hide..."
                                                                                         Agatha Christie

We supply:
  • One or two Professional actor (depends upon numbers of guests)
  • Suspect Character sheets
  • Clues & all paperwork
  • Sound effect tapes / background music as required
  • Quiz as required
  • Prize for the winning team 
  • Liaison with venue
  • Full PL Insurance cover $2m